What do I wear?
Come as you are, we want you to be comfortable. Most people are dressed casual, to dressy casual, but whatever you feel comfortable wearing will be fine.

How long will Sunday Night Church last?
The worship and message is about an hour total.

Do I have to go to the Fellowship Meal (dinner) afterward?
No. It’s just being offered so we can get to know each other and to make it easier to gather together.
What does the Fellowship Meal (dinner) cost?
It’s free, with a $5 suggested donation that is not required.

Is there a safe, professional nursery?

Is there experienced Childcare?

What does childcare cost?
It’s free.

Can children and youth stay in worship?
Yes. We encourage families to worship together, but also realize there are times when nursery, childcare, and also the full youth program for Jr and Sr High.

Do I have to be a member of any church to attend?

Will I be pressured to join your church or change my church membership?

Is it OK if I stay in the church I’m already in but keep coming to Sunday Night Church?

If I’m not sure about God or even if there is a god, is it still OK if I come?

Will anyone point me out as a visitor?
No. If we know you are a guest, it helps us to meet and get to know each other, but no one is put in the spotlight.

Do I have to get baptized by your church?
No. We accept the baptism of all other Christian churches. For those who believe in Jesus and are not baptized, we encourage it.

Am I going to be required to take classes or something?

What about an offering?
If anyone feels moved by God to make an offering or just wants to help financially, there will be baskets and receptacle containers. If you are currently financially supporting your Sunday morning church, please continue to do so.

Are you all Methodists?
We are followers of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Most of us who happen to be on stage at any given time do believe the traditional Methodist understanding of the Bible, but there are also others on stage who come from different Christian traditions.

Is the worship style traditional or contemporary?
It’s different. There won’t be an organ in use, but there will be piano or keyboard. There will be various types of instruments from violin to guitar and more. If you’ve been to large contemporary worship services, you will probably find Night Church to have less electric guitar, less heavy drums, and be a little more toward the “free” style of praise & worship music.

What is meant by simple gatherings?
There isn’t a lot of stuff going on or “liturgical elements” as is said at seminaries that train pastors. It is simple: song, prayer, message, followed by a fellowship meal for those who want to stay. See the second chapter of the Book of Acts in the Bible.

So what do you mean by plain messages?
Messages that get to the point of who God is, what God calls us to be, and why it matters in everyday life. In other words, there’s a lot of focus on how the Christian faith is meant to be a life-changing relationship with and in Jesus Christ. We also assume you want to lean in and listen, without a lot of showmanship.

What does heartfelt worship mean?
Heartfelt worship means worship that invites you to experience God. We have truly excellent and very gifted musicians and singers, but they are not meant to perform. They are called to use their gifts from God to help create a place and a space where we can step out of the stuff of the world around us and find the God of love & truth and forgiveness & mercy engaging us by the power of His grace.

Is it “charismatic” worship?
It’s participatory worship. It’s worship that assumes we all want to be there lifting our hearts and voices in song and prayer, but doesn’t pressure anyone do to or say anything.

Who is invited to come to Sunday Night Church?

What kind of people are in leadership of Night Church?
People who have found new life in Jesus and are excited to share it with others. We are young and old, male and female, black and white. And we would like you to become a part of us.